Swink Online Theme Issue No. 2


Stephen Ausherman, She Gave Me Her Pineapple
Janelle Brown, Passionfruit
Lisa Selin Davis, Depakote Diary
Gregory Hahn, All That Is Expected
Matt Leibel
, Love (or Vancouver)
Joseph Levens, Jumpsuit

Wesley Stace, Misfortune
Genanne Walsh, Engines

Ginger Strand, Against Connoisseurship

Paul Dickey, Things That Get Out of Hand
Dianna Henning, In the Season of Ripe
Melanie Hubbard, It Needs and Cyst
Jo Neace Krause, Here Lies Norma Jean Baker and Garden News From
Julie Larios, All Three Acts of a Sad Play Performed Entirely In Bed
Esther Lee, Rationale for a Loss
Chelle Miko, Eating His Words
Nathan Parker, Come and Against, Against, Against, Against, Against!



Lying, Cheating, & Stealing - Swink Online Theme Issue No. 1


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