Matt Morris

What does one pack
for a jaunt into history?
Honeywell reports: A change
of clothes, powder

for his periwig & a Fannie
Burney novel to pass
the night in Trenton. But now, icy
clumps batter the klutzy

ferry. Frozen in his stance, boot
propped confidently atop
his duffel bag, he fixes
his determined gaze

upon New Jersey, drawing
closer as if
he willed it so, his ragged
troops slaving to propel

the Durham up-
stream, the turgid river
maintaining fierce
loyalty to the crown.

He stands, tattered
flag at his shoulder, saber
at his side, big hands
curled into fists.


Matt Morris has appeared in various magazines, including Antietam, DMQ, Georgetown, Hunger Mountain, and Runes. His first book, Nearing Narcoma, won the 2003 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award. You can find several of his poems and his responses to questions about them at Segue. Please visit his web site at www.miscmss.com.


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