INDEX FOR F: An Examination of Parts of the Text Relating to The Ongoing Affair between Character XX and Character XY
jon chopan 


There must be one that warns about a married woman and a young man sleeping together.  In said fable XY is sure that XX’s husband kills them both or at least XY and so wonders out loud one day, after putting his cell phone in the refrigerator: “What the hell am I doing?” 34.


Façade, 22.




The thing that drew XY to XX, which is not what drew her to him, 56-59.



2 out of every 10 women cheat on their husbands.  4 out of every 10 men cheat on their wives.  It sounds real, but XX made those up during a moment of silence between her and XY, 44, 29, 101, 119-121.



            As form of love, 1-290.

            As something exceptional, 2.

            As way of understanding, 100-105, 136, 200-290.

            As end point, 290.

            Of XX to

find time, 1-290.

Paint, 34, 56, 77, 89-90, 290.

Smile, 21, 83, 88, 100, 141, 200.

            Of XY to

                        be honest

                        be taken seriously

                        not be self destructive

            What XX and XY agree this affair is fated to be, 145.

            SEE ALSO: Familiar




The way XX lights a cigarette, not after but before sex, 10.

            Which can be a form of failure, 1-290.



in XX’s character (short-short list)

                        Regret, 50.

                        Self pity, 1-290.

                        Not to mention the affair, 1-290.


in XY’s character (short-short list)

                        Self pity, 1-290.

                        Self destruction, 1-290.

                        Not to mention the affair, 1-290.



            Sex position: while XX prefers A, B, C . . .XY hasn’t given it thought

Way to piss someone off:  XX prefers not to.  XY answers: “Anything that gets the job done,” 68.


Feathers ruffled

            By XY when he asks XX: “What would your husband say about this?” 13.

            By XX when she says: “I could be your mother,” to XY, 13.



            As in “little fellow,” which is what XY calls his penis while XX giggles, 57.



Female, 10-18, 22-99, 110, 200-270.



Feminine, 1.



Feminize, 90.



Femoral Artery

As metaphor for some cliché about love and sex and betrayal and all manner of things like that, 1-290. 

SEE ALSO:  Fellow.


Fender Bender

            As metaphor for XY, 101.

            As metaphor for sexual relations, 1-15, 261.

As metaphor for SEE ALSO: Failure, SEE ALSO: Fidelity, SEE ALSO: Fifth Amendment


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

            What, when she is mad, XX claims XY has, 117.



Fetish, 3-7, 51-79, 90-161.




            This one can just float, 1-290.


Fifth Amendment

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation, Preface, i.           



            Of speech, 12.

            Of XX, which XY likes a lot, notably her “boobs,” 151.



            XY was incapable of following directions, 29.

XY would go and do something like this, 231.




  1. To make, gain, or achieve by indirect, often crafty methods, 1-12, 100-153, 290.
  2. To get by trickery of deceit, 31, 190, 201.
  3. Bra off with one hand, which always makes XY proud of himself, like a middle schooler he thinks, 3, 78, 105, 130, 150, 153, 186, 200, 205-220, 290.


Fire Alarm

Which XX fell into while XY was trying to pull off her panties in the faculty lounge, causing a panic in the building, which had just been rebuilt after last year’s electrical fire, 159.

As warning sign from

            Good friends, 1-290.

The gods, 11.

            The fire department, 159, 281.



            As sexual innuendo XY used when he first met XX. Quote: “You make me firm,”1.           



            Attempt to corrupt character, 34, 67, 90, 200.

            Form, Preface iii.

            Foul, 143.



            What some people have too much or too little of, 129.

            What XY tells XX he loves about:

                        Her dinner conversation, 20.

            Her farting during romantic comedies, 13, 21, 35, 45, 60, 71-90, 100, 140, 156, 160, 206.

Her skin, 20.

What we can now call metaphor for persona, lack of professionalism, an ability to offend, the way some people talk about sex/love/romance, etc, 1-290.           


Flick, Afterword 291.


Flicker, 3.


Flimsy, 1-51, Afterward 293.



A miscommunication

of interest, 34-140.

of love, 1-290.

of intentions, 1, 59, 110, 280-290.

            And feeling that sex can be a form of, 6.

As sign of

Weakness, 20.

Manipulation, 20.

Lack of confidence, 1-290.

Thing most people accuse XY of doing excessively.  “Anything with a pulse,” says, well, everyone he knows, 184.


Flop, 1-290.


Flop House, 248.


Floppy, 3, 5, 8, 20, 110-113, 290.


Floppy Disk, 4.




1. A person with poor judgment or little intelligence, 1-90.

2. A jester, a person whose role was to entertain the court, Afterward 291-295.

3. A type of dessert made of puréed fruit and custard or cream, 45.



though no one is really keeping score, no one is really paying attention to XX and XY’s science project, which is what he calls it as a

            Joke, 81.

            Defense mechanism, 81-290.

            Way of being cruel , 81.

Fruit, which is a cliché, 1-295.


Fortune Cookie

            Reading: “Don’t Kiss an Elephant on the Lips Today,” 131.


Found Post-It Note:

            From XX to XY: “I fart when I pee.  Do you love me?” 201.



            As character trait of XY, 1-290.

            As means of communication between XX and XY, 1-20, 90-130, 206, 285.

            Of failure, 3, 8, 90, 73, 290.

            Of communication, 1-60, 181-240, 279.

            Of confession, 289.

Of apology, which XY made to XX after telling her to let go of her dream to paint, 250.



Fox Trot

Danced in XY’s bedroom to Benny Goodman which was a disaster, because it’s Benny Goodman, but was fun, 130.



            Detail forgotten, 130-158, 208.

Insight about, 21, 59, 120-167, 204-209, 253-270.

Over heard bits of conversation, 30-69, 100-103, 289.


Free association

            Best aided by free basing, 280.           


Free Thinker

            1. One who has rejected dogma and authority, Preface i-vii.



            As form of friendship, 1-290.

            As sign of impending fight/crisis, 1, 30-73, 100-199, 275-288.

Created by

                        Dry humping, 5, 20-23, 100, 117, 206.

                        Rubbing sticks together, 3.

Sleeping with a person and not dating them, or some form of miscommunication about the nature of said sex, or maybe just a miscommunication, 290.



            Of XX:

                        Other women, 100-289.

That XY doesn’t fart during romantic comedies, 13, 21, 35, 45, 60, 71-90, 100, 140, 156, 160, 206. 

                        That one of her nipples is slightly larger than the other, 162.

            Of XY:

                        Reading out loud, 13-14, 80-81, 120, 231, 276-277.

                        Rumors, 92.

                        The persona he has and/or has had created, 1-290.



Which is what XX means when she says to XY: “You think too much and feel too little.”  Because he complains about bus rides, teachers, people he shouldn’t have had sex with, money, weather, bowel movement, the state of the Union Address, reception on his cell phone, the use of cell phones, the headache he has (perhaps related to a tumor) from using the cell phone…8. 


Which is what XY intended when he wrote an index to XX, because he thinks an affair can be fun even though it may incite anger or signify a risk-taking tendency or may associate one with failure, which is not so much a concern as it is an end point, or a beginning or an apology

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SEE ALSO:……….Afterward 291-295.




Jon Chopan is from Rochester, New York. His work has appeared and is forthcoming in The Disability Studies Quarterly, Monkeybicycle, Redivider, Sub-Lit, and WordRiot. Jon is currently working on a collection of short stories set in Rochester.