Issue 3


Daniel Alarcón, The Lord Rides a Swift Cloud
Andrew Foster Altschul, You Are Not Here
Ronald F. Currie, Jr., If Natalie Portman Were My Girlfriend, Life Would
   Be Like the Movies

Noria Jablonski, Sadie Hawkins’ Day
Heather Larimer, Townspeople
Joe Meno, Oceanland
Alissa Nutting, My Trip to Space
Benjamin Percy, The Bearded Lady Says Goodnight
Rick Rofihe, Chicagoo
Deirdre Shaw, Dixon
Sarah Strickley, The Roads Are Like That (Winner of Swink’s Fiction
   Award for Emerging Writers)

Seth Abramson, Go Six Go Nine
Anita Bernstein, 3AV / 53ST
Kristy Bowen, The Unhappiness of Objects, The Migrations
Rick Bursky, The Collections, The Disappearance, The Meaning of
   Numbers: The Threes, Fives and the Sevens

Paula Cisewski, All the Way Home
Daniel Coudriet, Without Reservations
Cathryn Essinger, Outside Consultant
Sarah Fay, Sunrise in the Emergency Room of Wyckoff Medical Center,
   Waitress Stills Nos. 7 & 9

Carrie Fountain, Burn Lake 2 (Winner of Swink’s Poetry Award for
   Emerging Writers)

Melanie Hubbard, Understanding Dark Energy
Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Saturday with the Lady Tigers
Stephanie Lenox, The Amazing Cannonball Couple
Brad Liening, Welcome to Orientation
Sarah Maclay, The Proposal, Portrait of Sunset at Midnight
Noah Michelson, Racine
Fred Muratori, Alert
Elizabeth Rees, Dig (Winner of Swink’s Literary Award in Poetry)
Chad Reynolds, Culture Abhors Nature, Nature Abhors Victor,
   Victor at the Laundromat

Elizabeth Scanlon, Hippocampal
Zachary Schomburg, Full of Knives
Mark Svenvold, Minimalism (Kong, After Empire by Andy Warhol)
Charles Harper Webb, I Guess You’re Just Not Sentimental
Joe Wilkins, The Land to the North

Lauren Slater, Tripp Lake
Pete Jensen, Unhooking the Secret
Michelle Bitting, Sex, Love & Robert De Niro
Neale Desousa, Residency Restrictions

Jessica Kingdon, Gills, A Girl Forgot, At the Zoo, Emergency in Slow

Stephan Clark, A Literary Purge
Neil Landau, Exiled in the New Russia: Red, White, Gay & Blue
Rolf Potts, A Subjective Guide to the Budget Hotels of the Orient

Karl Iagnemma, William Bartram's Curse

Lisa Glatt and Suzanne Greenberg, Ojai

A Conversation with Janet Fitch by Deborah Vankin


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