ellen lindquist

Lora Lee divides her time between an apartment in Paris and another apartment just outside Paris.

Edward Gloucester has been continuously in print for over 300 years.

Jillian Brooks is a writer, artist, publisher, mother, father, cat and dog.

Donald Shin published his first book of poetry, The Yeast and the Sperm Whale (Red Sauce Press), last year. Since then, he has published 10 others including Purple Things in Waves, The Zesto Burger, The Way Gnats Feel, Chasing the Horse Away, Growing Microbes in Heaven, The Smell-orama and Me, The Dog Heart of Love, The Roof and the Pinion and The Way Plastic Melts.

Priscella Bursk has lived all over the place including three years in California, two in Nevada, 10 months in Iowa and six days on Mars.

Gilda Smith quit a lucrative job in her 70s to backpack across Europe. She was the 2007 winner of the Defective Poetry Prize.

Rebecca Vandermolen has been publishing her verse since before papyrus was invented.

Marco Zlivic is a Senior International Taste-Tester at the Grove Research Organization for Synthetic Snacks (GROSS). He is the author of Barfing in Barcelona, Sickness in Sri Lanka and Traveling with the Runs.

Nora Dudley is a writer who lives, works, writes, eats, shops, picnics, gardens, talks, sleeps, defecates and fornicates in McMurdo, Antartica.


Given what she's written here, Ellen Lindquist is hesitant to list her writing credentials. Suffice to say she is a Midwesterner who enjoys making fun of the writing life in her adopted hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Visit her at: http://www.ellenlindquist.blogspot.com