Paul Dickey

                      I wanted an Audi
until I met a man who wanted
a bus ticket. I wanted transportation
until I met a man who wanted
a video of a woman’s legs. I wanted
to buy her everything that plastic
could afford until I met a man
who wanted to write a song to stand up
in the place of a heart. I met a man
wanting to make rhymes with his hands
for cash. I wanted to steal the meaning
from his calisthenics until I met
the man and woman wanting to swim
without bodies at the public pool.


Paul Dickey’s poetry and microfiction have appeared in over twenty-five
literary journals, both print and online. Recently or quite soon, you can
find his work in Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics, No. 2; Cue: A Journal of Prose Poetry, vol. 2; magazine minima, 1.1; Poetry Midwest; Rattle; and The Cider Press Review. More information and links to Dickey’s work can be found


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