Jeff Chang

Because the cap fell off the pen.
Because the Sunday paper got wet
and the icebox was empty.

Because the auditorium was too quiet
and the walk-in closet was too crowded.
Because the dirt path didn’t lead anywhere.

Because the dog chewed through the leash
and because of the hole in the wire fence.
Because the bus was on time for once
and roared into the bright light.

Because the oars of the rowboat
had slipped into the lake.

Because the taffy factory
was closed for the season and because
every balloon in the county

popped simultaneously.
Because the night watchman was afraid of the dark.
Because of the implausibility of the movie

and because the stuffed bear
had lost an eye and the ukulele
was missing a string.

Because the search party
had put away their flashlights.
Because the stuffed peppers were getting cold
and because the rainfall kept reinventing itself.

Because you are always right
and I am always somewhere else.


You can read more poetry by Jeff Chang in issue 2 of Swink.

Jeff Chang lives in Western Massachusetts where he delivers library books and is a volunteer dog walker.


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