fiction Use Your Mine-Duh by Brock Clarke
fiction Liability by S.P. Tenhoff
Rise by L. Annette Binder
fiction The Crying Retreat by Dylan Hicks
Spring Training, 1976 by Jennine Capó Crucet
fiction The Examiners' Association of Observation by Dan Piepenbring
fiction Feats of Derring-Do by Peter Rawlings

In the Jetway by Kathleen Lane
Pigeons in Real Life by Nancy Conger
We Must Feed The Children by John Oliver Hodges
Grief by MaryLou Fusco
To Learn is to Forget by Lauren Culley
essay + memoir Those Imaginary Miles by Harrison Scott Key
essay + memoir Sealing the Deal by Joe Oestreich
essay + memoir The Eastern Navajo Agency Spelling Bee by Kurt Caswell
poetry Two Poems by Eachan Holloway
poetry Two Poems by Sandra Beasley
poetry Three Poems by Melissa Broder
poetry Two Poems by David Lensen
poetry Monster by Christopher Todd Matthews
dead letter office Dear Dust by Kathleen Hellen
dead letter office I Can Hear You by J.P. Allen

dead letter office Dear Miami Vice by Emma Ramey
dead letter office Re: Bozeman by Claire Barwise

dead letter office Two Accounts of Absenteeism by Vanity by Travis Brown
dead letter office Dear S by Joe Donnelly
dead letter office Dear Neighbor by E.R. Catalano
dead letter office Dear Tuesday Night Bar-Back by Zack Wentz
dead letter office Dear God by Katey Schultz
wit's end A Bio History of René Albert by Daniel Hudon
wit's end The Funny Sketch by Alex Bernstein
wit's end The Cookie by Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf
wit's end Living With Bears by Jenny Williams
wit's end Questions for the HoneyBaked Ham Helpline by Kevin Haworth
wit's end Submission Guidelines by Dan Moreau
wit's end Dear Editors by Rachel Levy
you are here Managua, Nicaragua by David Felix Sutcliffe


fiction Edson to 1958 by Drew Johnson
Revelation by Jared Smith
The Great Crowd by Jeff O'Keefe
Ginka's Perfume by Anne Germanacos
fiction Lucky Boy by Jessica Francis Kane
poetry Two Poems by Sarah J. Sloat
poetry Coda by Sean Patrick Hill
poetry The Courtyard by John Findura
poetry Three Poems by Sarah J. Sloat
poetry Two Poems by Paul Dickey
essay + memoir One For The Road by Erin Stewart Brown
essay + memoir Tumble by Brangien Davis
essay + memoir Index For F by Jon Chopan
essay + memoir The Rabbit by Molly McCloy
dead letter office Dear Franklin Planner by Jeanne Holtzmann
dead letter office Dear Metric System by Jensen Whelan
dead letter office Dear Whole Foods CEO by Agnieszka Stachura

dead letter office Dear Eminem by Jenny Seay
dead letter office A Great Pity by Paul Hostovsky
dead letter office Dear B by Abeer Hoque
dead letter office Dear Pervert by Christopher Higgs

wit's end Dear Writer by Cynthia Reeves
wit's end Notes on a Manuscript by Susan Lumenello
wit's end Benefactor by Greg Ames
wit's end Our Contributors by Ellen Lindquist
you are here Gothenberg, Sweden by William Males


fiction Big Bill's Ride-At-Your-Own-Risk Thrills by Karen Kasaba
Two Poems by Allan Peterson
Orientation by Melanie Hubbard
Three Poems by Michael Snediker
dead letter office
Missed Connection by Megan Stielstra
dead letter office Dear Supermarket Checkout Lady by Sharon Riley

fiction Animas by Ann Cummins
fiction White by August Tarrier
fiction Tub O' Suds by Jennifer Pashley
fiction Put Your Faith in Me by John Sperling
dead letter office My Letter to the Parking Clerk by Paul Hostovsky
dead letter office Letter to Global Warming by Mark Budman
dead letter office Open Letter to the Stray Cat I Abandoned in the Southwest by Lisa Selin Davis
dead letter office Letter to My Father by René Georg Vasicek
dead letter office Report of the Referee Re: AQ8920 by Lyn Stevens
essay + memoir Anti-Aliasing by Brian Oliu
essay + memoir The Stiff Jew by Michael Bahler
essay + memoir Data Will Save Us by Jo Scott-Coe
wit's end Bon Jour: A Review of the Arts by Ricky Garni
wit's end To Fetch or Not to Fetch: A Dog Park Soliloquy by Linda Good
wit's end My Addiction to Oil: A Memoir by Arthur Plotnik
poetry Three poems by Julie Larios
poetry Self-Portrait as Boy and Grey Ghost by Michael Montlack
poetry Adam and Eve at Rest by Ed Taylor
poetry Two poems by Virginia M. Heatter
poetry Reasonable Doubt by Marilyn Greenberg
you are here God Left Tucson by Naomi Rochelle Garnice
you are here Derringer by Colin Asher
you are here Worth the Detour by Edith Pearlman

issue no.3: Taking Sides
issue no.2:
What We Want
issue no.1:
Lying, Cheating, & Stealing

issue no.3: Everybody Had It Figured Out But You
issue no.2:
Crooked Little Feelings
issue no.1:
Nothing To Look At Except The People